Celebrating at the Deichgrafenhof


We offer various indoor and outdoor locations that we customize according your needs. We have on premises a fully equipped gastro-kitchen including storage and cooling facilities. 

30 - 60 persons

The Q-Lounge, the former cow-stable. It is fully equipped with tables and chairs for up to 60 persons, a bar and background music equipment. 

50 - 100 persons

The Loo, a former hayloft which shows the typical set-up of wooden Haubarg is one of the most historical building in the area. It is empty and can be decorated according your own needs and taste. 

90 - 150 persons
You can as well rent both locations together. They are directly connected. 


The garden offers a fantastic space for a garden party, in the case the weather turns, we always have a plan B.

If your party will last longer than 10.00 pm you need to rent the two apartaments in the building.